Summer Fling 2007

Spring is supposed to be a time of rebirth and new opportunities, but these last months it seems impossible to break away from all the Supernatural Superserious issues that are swallowing us whole.  Gas, oil, health care, and tuition prices are all rising faster than the Mississippi, while glaciers, housing prices, and support for W and his policies are all falling fast enough to put Chicken Little in a tizzy.  It’s enough to shake all of ourFoundations.  It’s the tone of nightly news.  It’s the panic headlines in our newspapers.  It’s the look in Cheney’s eyes: “I Will Possess Your Heart”.  From Capitol Hill to Violet Hill, we could all really use a break.


Enter Summer.  The season of beach bodies, fast cars, cotton candy, and hot love.  Or at least that’s how the movies show it.  As the mercury rises, so do pulses and egos, while sidewalks turn to Honey.  Go far enough north, and the sun never sets for months at a time.  If you haven’t become a grown-up yet, it’s time away from school and any hint of responsibility.  It’s the perfect time for a fling.  So let’s all just chillax a bit.  I mean, it’s when the sun finally lives up to its reputation, exploding like the ball of fire that it is, so blazing hot that it’s got you begging it for Mercy.


What do you think?  Go for the ride.  America needs to simmer a bit before we all startBleeding Love.  I want to see Hillary and B-Rock popping and locking to American Boy. I want to see Martha Stewart on sunset strip rocking it karaoke style, screaming “I Kissed A Girl, and I liked it!”  See the spectacle.  Be the train wreck.  Let them all Stop and Stare. Bring. It. On.  From now until Labor Day, throw caution to the wind.  Swim like you’re on fire.  Dance like nobody’s watching.  Soon enough, reality will come crashing back…


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